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Document Manager is a powerful all-in-one document manager and office app for iPhone and iPad.
▶ Scan, create, edit convert and share - Document Manager is perfectly suited for every file handling task you may come up with.

With Document Manager you can scan books, receipts, any kind of documents, paper notes, whiteboards, schedules, timetable – anything you might need in your day to day life.
Document Manager lets you store a scan as multipage PDF or JPEG file, you choose what is more convenient.
File handling includes sharing, printing and syncing. With Document Manager you can sync between devices, to Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, you can share via email, load to and from WD MyCloud and via Wifi and print with a single tap and more than that!
Load and save files directly from and to your Mac or PC!

◆ Advanced OCR Scanning Algorithm:
No scan is perfect, but built in advanced scanning algorithms makes them perfect with image enhancement, shadow and noise removing, automatic perspective correction and more.
Privacy matters, that's why image recognition and OCR takes place on your device without Internet connection – your documents remain fully private and are never exposed to third parties.

◆ Document Manager FEATURES:
• Automatic detection of document edges and perspective
• Advanced image processing with enhancement and color correction, noise removing and more
• Multipage scanning and document managing
• Powerful file manager with folders, drag&drop, file editing and more
• Sort documents by date, name
• Share documents, email and print in one tap
• Upload scans to cloud services like DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud or Sky Drive
• Document Reader
• Epub support
• PS / EPS support (Postscript / Encapsulated Postscript)
• Vector drawing tool
• Create documents as HTML, TXT, RTF and MD
• Create drawings and save as vector svg file
• And much, much more!

◆ Special convert functions:
• Create Multi Page PDF from PNG, JPG and others
• Website to PDF
• Map to PDF
• PS to PDF
• EPS to PDF
• SVG to PDF
• Unpack zip, tar, rar, 7zip
• Compress Files

Document Manager is an all in one tool for the office-on-the go.
You can not only scan, convert and edit all kind of files, you can create your own documents and save them as txt, rtf, html or md file.
You can even draw a sketch without leaving the app, and save it as svg file format like a pro.

No matter what file handling task is at hand, Document Manager will take care of it.

Document Manager provides you with extended functionality for smart file handling and is currently the most complete tool available in the App Store.


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