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OCR Scanner turns your iPhone or iPad into a document scanner with optical character recognition for business, office, travelling and more.

OCR Scanner scans documents of any type and converts the characters into ready to use text, the numbers from bills can just be inserted into accountancy with copy/paste.

Scan any bill or receipt when you are travelling and have the text on it ready to use, without the hassle of having to type it manually. Just scan the receipt from your last meal in the drive in, as example, and avoid spelling errors or typing wrong numbers.

Optical Character Recognition is actually lowering the work load and lowers the stress of a business trip as well, it is increasing your productivity - in fact, it makes any trip more enjoyable. No more need to type of bills and receipts letter by letter and number by number, OCR Scanner is doing that for you.
OCR Scanner is able to recognize printed letters and characters on ducuments.

Once you got the text ready to use, it is a piece of cake to convert that document into a pdf to store in the cloud or send via e-mail to your secretary or anybody who needs the text you just scanned. Of course, you can do with that text whatever you want, you can use it in any program or software that suits your needs best.

To use OCR Scanner and achieve best results, make sure that:
- The document is flat. The less crumples and wronkles it has the better the camera can do its work
- Make sure that it is well lit, try alternatively with or without flashlight. The better the light is, the better the camera can do the job, just as for any picture.
- Right perspective makes OCR more efficient, keep the camera parallel to the document
- Correct distance between document and camera provides a better result. Try various distances when unsure.
- Rotation and position can increase the quality of OCR
- Extremly small or unreasonable big letters are hard to recognize
- The glare of glossy paper makes a quality scan difficult, try different light sources

OCR may not work on older devices, since they don't have a camera as good as newer devices. Better camera quality provides better results, sounds logic 🙂

- Optical Character Recognition
- Perfect Scan Technique provides high quality results
- Ready-to-use text from scanned documents
- Scan newspaper articel, receipts, note, multipage, single page

OCR Scanner is something like your little, genius camscanner for the pocket, always with you and ready to help you! You will thank it everytime you are using it!


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