pick PONG



pick PONG is a unique and spontaneous way to share moments, leaving these moments what they are: just moments …pick a picture of a precious moment and PONG it to friends, they will look at it before it disappears and maybe they PONG a precious moment back to you.To see the pick it has to be tapped before it fades away forever … after all it is just a moment caught with the camera (unless a screenshot is taken of it).Maybe your friends pick a picture of a worthy moment and PONG it right back at you.

pick your moments and PONG them to your friends, they will stay just moments before they fade …

That’s what this app is about, spontaneously sharing fun and joy of precious moments with your friends, leaving them a precious moments keepsake!

picks are deleted from our servers, but there is no way to prevent recipients to take a screenshot of picks.


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