QR Reader – Scan, Create and Read QR Code with Logo / Icon

  • Scan, read and create barcodes.
  • Recognize URL, phone numbers and save adresses to show directly in map.
  • Use saved scan history
  • Create QR Code with logo or icon
  • Share and print QR Code
  • much more functions inside the app


QR Reader is fast, user friendly  and reliable

QR Codes are spreading everywhere, for all kind of purposes. Prodcut informations, Links and URLs, adresses and visit cards. All kind of information is collected and shared using QR Codes (and other graphical codes) of all kind.

A tool to read and understand – translate – these codes is needed. Thanks to the camera that is built in almost any smartphone you now are able to have such a tool in your pocket. A tool that is ready to use whenever you need it.

Our aim was to create a reader that is fast, easy to use and understand without lacking options and possibilities. That’s why you can scan codes by just pointing the camera at a code, no matter what code it is. That’s why adresses are directly shown in the map, and why you can directly jump to a URL. And if you need your own spedific code, you do not need to switch the app. You can create it within the same app and even add an icon to the code. All options and possibilities are ready to use for your selfmade codes, no other tool or app is needed.

QR Reader is quick and handy. It generally scans and understands almost any barcode that is in use.

Just as commented on appdictions.com:
« If you’re looking for the perfect QR code reader app, then the app created by Power App GmbH, QR-Reader, is your best bet. »

How QR Reader works

The best tool is the tool that works almost automatically, without the user having much to do. The less you need to do, the more comfortable it is.

Using QR Reader is as simple as it can be:

  • Start QR Reader
  • Point your camera at the code you want to scan
  • Wait while QR Reader automatically recoginzes and scans the code

No button needs to be pushed, nothing!
I doesn’t matter what code you are scanning, QR Reader will recongnize it, be it QR, EAN, standard barcode or other formats.

URLs, phone numbers and adresses will automatically be recognized and can be used directly from within the app, being saved or printed via AirPrint.

QR Reader is able to generate custom QR Code (even those with a picture or logo in the middle), that can be saved or shared, no additional tool is required.

QR Reader is probably the most user friendly and complete tool to scan and use QR Codes and Barcodes.


  • Scanning/Reading of QR-Codes
  • Scanning/Reading of standard bar codes
  • Generating custom QR-Codes
  • Adding icons or pictures to QR-Codes
  • Save scanned and generated codes via Print Screen
  • Code Sharing via the apps reader function
  • AirPrint supported
  • Generates QR-Codes of up to 134 characters
  • History of scans will now be saved
  • Special iPad version
  • Recognizes phone number, addresses and url
  • Adresses can be saved and directly shown in maps

QR-Codes with an image or a logo in it do not comply with any existing standard. Adding a logo to a QR-Code is only possible because of the error correction that is part of the QR-Code. A reader does not recognize this logo. It is treating the logo the same way as it would a damaged or dirty code. This is why we limited the size of the logo, to make sure a reader can still recognize the code. Please double check the code you created to make sure it works as it should.

Check the functionality of your QR Code if it has a logo or icon in it!

QR Reader for iOS is the tool of your choice for reading and creating Barcode and QR Code!

If you were looking for that simple, easy to use reader for all kind of codes that spread around, stop looking! It won’t get easier than this one, or more comfortable.

If you are looking for the combination of a simple to use tool, that doesn’t miss options at the same time, then this is your app.

Go ahead and give it a try!

How to create a QR Logo Code


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