Weather Forecast – Weather, Barometer, Wind, Humidity, UV and More

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Weather App for iOS – Weather Forecast including Ultraviolet Radiation

Weather Forecast is more than a weather app. It comes with a detailled forecast for every region on the world and includes data for ultraviolet radiation.

The main screen shows basic data 4 days in advance, with icons at the bottom of the main screen that complete this summary  with a 4-days basic forecast.
Temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, ultraviolet radiation and barometric pressure trend are the information you can gather here.

Swiping left lets you narrow the region you are, or add a region of your choice. You can do that with Area Search.

Swiping right grants access to the timeline. Here you can see a detailed weather forecast for the next 4 days.

The detailed forecast comes with an icon for each day and night on the timeline. A description lists chances for clouded sky, rain, wind, snow and of course temperature, basically with information of whatever the weather will be in the region on display.
Chances of rain or clouds is not just defined as a vague « maybe » or a « most likely », it gives a percentage so that you know as good as possible what is awaiting you.

Simple to use, giving you the choice for a rough overview or detailed information makes planning outdoor activities as simple as it never was before.

Information for ultraviolet radiation makes sure that you are reminded to wear sunglasses and to protect your skin!


Main Features of Weather Forecast:

  • Main screen with basic overview
  • Swipe right for timeline
  • Swipe left for Area Serach
  • Detailled forecast 4 days in advance
  • Air humidity readings
  • Ultra violett radiation readings
  • Wind speed and direction readings
  • Barometric pressure trends
  • Simple to use:  swiping sideways grants additional information

The weather forecast that follows you in your pocket, no matter where you are, no matter what you do.

Get ready without missing necessary information, get Weather Forecast today!



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