Important changes for iOS 10 battery apps

Apple has released iOS 10 Beta, and as with every new iOS some things in app do not work anymore as they previously did. But there is one change that changes the game for any battery app currently available in the app store. And to be honest, a lot of battery apps have stopped working long time ago. When I downloaded a bunch of battery apps to check them out, I experienced everything from white screen, crashes, and even a virus warning when I tried to sync to iTunes on Windows 7. Luckily I had a backup of my iPhone, since one of the apps forced me to reset my iPhone 6, but that’s stuff for another story.

Charging cycles will not be displayed in iOS 10

We all like to check battery stats using the app of our choice, and since Apple provided this data in their API every programmer was able to display these data with just a few clicks. Now, this stopped with iOS 10, charging cycles are not available anymore, which means that probably every battery app will stop working.

But there are good news on this topic. Maybe you know Battery Doc, a battery app that always did a bit more than its competitors. Be it jailbreak detection, detailed uptime prognostics and more.
We are happy to tell you that Battery Doc won’t stop working with iOS 10. Of course, we have the same limits like any other developer and have no possibility to display charging cycles anymore, this option is barred for good.

But we know physics and math, and we have the right tools and skills for a workaround!

Thanks to our state of the art calculator Cas Calc 3D (yes, I am aware that this is shameless self-promotion) we were able to figure out the necessary math based on the still available numbers given by iOS 10. I was more than excited when I heard that they used our own app for the calculations, that’s the kind of functional testing I really like!

In other words, Battery Doc is still able to display vital battery stats and information in iOS 10, something that no competitor we know of is able to do.

I would like to say that our dev found it a piece of cake, but as much as I understood this is not the case …

As of today, August 15 2016, the update for Battery Doc is currently in review by Apple and will hit the App Store soon. We except that a few more tweaks are needed when iOS 10 will officially be released, there are always some changes made between beta and final release.

But we are happy to let you know that Battery Doc will be ready for iOS 10 once it is available!

Click here to see Battery Doc in Apples App Store.

Update, September 2016: iOS 10 has finally been released, and one unexpected thing is that the battery temperature is not displayed correctly. This is not a bug of Battery Doc, the data is simply not available at the moment. We are working on a solution for this, but we can’t say how long it will take nor what the solution will be. We will keep you informed!