RamDisk4Mac is a multi-configurable RamDisk utility for maximum speed and SSD lifetime for Mac. Start up0 and shut down options, auto-mount and autosave, snapshot imaging and more make RamDisk4Mac the ultimate power tool to get the maximum out of your Mac.

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Speed up your Mac significantly with RamDisk

RAM Disk Control can help you create, remove, manage and monitor multiple RAM disks.Ram Disk Control is speeding up your Mac Computer and reduces the wear of your SSD at the same time; it is the optimal tool to speed up your work and save money at the same time with little effort.


Ram Disk Control is useful for both users of an SSD (Solid State Disk) and users of a conventional mechanical hard drive.

Both benefit in their own way from this app:

Systems with a mechanical hard drive will become faster, and systems with SSD will reduce the wear on the SSD.

A solid state drive is not needed to run this app and benefit from it!

How does it work?

Ram Disk Control uses a part of your Ram to create a new volume shown as an ordinary drive that you can use independently in your Finder.

Why is that necessary?

Solid State drives benefit from a much bigger speed than a mechanical Hard Drive, but that comes with a prize of less writing cycles than a normal hard disk. That means a SSD will have a much shorter life span compared to a mechanical hard disk.

If your computer has both a mechanical hard disk and an SSD you could move the cache to the hard disk, removing some stress away from the SSD. But that would mean that you lose a big part of the speed benefits of your SSD.

If your only storage device is an SSD you need to be a bit more creative, that is where Ram Disk Control kicks in. Of course Ram Disk Control works too if you have a mechanical hard drive installed along with your SSD.

Ram Disk control is turning a part of your RAM into a storage device which you can use for files or Apps. Since the cache needs to be rewritten very often this means nothing less than moving the files which put the most stress on your SSD away from the SSD to your RAM.

Your RAM is even faster than your SSD, therefore it is speeding up your Mac and saves the lifetime of your SSD at the same time.

* Create / remove Ram Disk easily

* You can specific size, name

* Auto-Mount Ram Disk Function in program startup.

* Booting Mac faster than from SSD

* Generating temporary folders

* Increase the lifetime of the SSD

* Configure up to 75% of your available RAM to a RAM Disk

* Create Snapshot Images of your Ram Disk configuration

* Configure Start Up and Shut Down Options

* Configurable auto save

* Choose individual names for the Ram Disk

* Many more


Intel Mac with Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

Click here to learn how to install RamDisk