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Number Pad turns your iPhone or iPad into a wireless keypad, conn is established wireless via bluetooth or wifi network.

To use this app with your Mac you will need to download and install this app on your Mac:

There is no more reason for a long face when you realizie that your built in keyboard has no numeric keypad. Simply establish a connection to your iPhone or iPad to make your portable numpad ready for use.
Once the sync is done, not only using the calculator becomes much more relaxed, the iPad turns into a kingsize trackpad.

◆ There are many reasons to use Number Pad:
• King size trackpad/mousepad
Your iPad turns into a kingsize trackpad / mousepad. A bigger mouse pad grants more control when scrolling through a video or through a big site. Same goes for editing a photo from your personal album, control is king. A bigger trackpad rules when you need detailed control.
Sliding a photo to share on tumblr, scrolling through big spreadsheets, swiping browser pages, all these tasks are done better on a bigger track pad.

• Calculator
A complicated calculation usually makes you type a lot of numbers. Typing a lot of numbers becomes much more relaxed with a separate number block.

• Finger Gesture
Number pad recognizes multi gestures, as example slide 2 fingers up/down to scroll.

• Emojis
Number Pad had emojis included, ready to use by the push of a button. That's just another nice feature to use in chat like omegle and others.

• Freedom
A separate number pad can be placed wherever you want, place your Macbook on the desk in front of you and hold the iPad or iPhone in your hands while leaning back, as relaxing as it can get when working. Or place it at the side of your Macbook. After all it is not just separate, it is remote.

• Versatility
Of all the keypads available, the best one is still the one you have in our pocket. With Number Pad, your iPhone or iPad becomes your shortcut for relaxed typing. It is the kind of custom tool that you never want to miss again once you tried.

Remove the missing number pad from your hotspot, Number Pad is your personal shortcut to make typing numbers a relaxed task, and helps you finishing your work faster and come to a finale, allowing you to concentrate on the things you enjoy most.

Get Number Pad now, you won't regret!

To use this app with your Mac you will need to download and install this app on your Mac:


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