Age and Location Detector and Recognition

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Age and Gender Recognition and Scene Analysis

Take a persons picture and find out how old they are and what their gender is.
Take a picture of a scene and get instant onformation about it: indoors, outdoors, how many people, is it urban or in nature and much more.

Not the everyday use for an iPhone, but a lot of fun all the same!

Face and scene detection has made a lot of progress during the last years. Facial recognition is still a hard task, but we took some parts of it and put it in this app. Age detection is one of these things (don’t tell your wife that your iPhone can do that ….). Scene recognition is another thing we ripped out to put in this app.

The results are surprisingly accurate, and even if you miss the correct age: The Age and Location Detector is a lot of fun to use. When hanging out with friends or at a party, the Age and Location Detector earns surprised looks and laughs.

The use of the app is simple:

  • Aim the camera at a persons face.
  • Take a picture.
  • Choose Age Detection.

The app informs you now about the age and the gender of the person in the picture.

Same for the Scene Analyzer:

  • Take a picture
  • Choose Scene Understanding

Now the app delivers information about the content of the picture. How much in the picture are mountains. What is water, like a lake or a river. Recognition and understanding of indoor and outdoor scenes.

The results are surprisingly accurate, and even if they are not spot on. Recognition of anything made by any kind of machine is always very entertaining.

With this app you always have a clever party gag in your pocket. An instant wato eran surprised looks and a few laughs.

Be ready for the fun, and get this the Age and Location Detector!

Some serious facts about face recognition on Wikipedia.