Air Printer, the iOS File Manager

Air Printer is an advanced iOS File Manager, with a drawing and writing tool and support for various file types like MD / markdown, pdf and more.

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Air Printer is an advanced iOS File Manager

Now with drawing tool, text editor and MD / markdown support!

Air Printer is the ultimate tool to convert, edit and manage files of any type.

More than just an iOS file manager, it comes with a drawing tool, an easy to use text editor and allows converting home pages and images to pdf.

The latest update made it compatible with MD / markdown. Handling html has just become simple.

No iOS file manager would be complete if it couldn’t handle files from clouds. Clouds included are DropBox, box, iCloud and more. But Air Printer is more than just an iOS file manager. It allows converting files into pdf format while existing pdf can be edited. Marking text, adding comments and coloring words or lines and sentences is an easy task with Air Printer.

Air Printer is an iOS file Manager with extra functions

Air Printer is flexible and easy to use. What makes Air Printer a premium iOS File Manager is the fact that there is hardly any need to leave the app. The tool box takes care of most needs and tasks, limitations from the operating system are incompatibilities are a thing of the past. Move, copy, edit, create and convert files, it is quick and simple to use. No additional apps are needed!

And if you need more folders and subfolders, create them directly from within the app. This is what an iOS file manager should be for, to keep you organized and focussed on the task at hand.

While other files managers are limited to a specific file tpye Air Printer doesn’t care what type of file you are working with. It doesn’t care either where you want to save it: it works fine for both local and cloud storage.

Air Printer is an iOS File Manager with maximum flexibility combined with simplicity

File sharing is possible directly from within the app. It doesn’t matter if you are using Air Drop, social media or the cloud of your choice, Air Printer lets you do it just the way you want. And if you need a print out of your file, it’s no different than any other action: do it directly from the app, as simply as possible.

Air Printer supports most common cloud accounts and Apples AirPrint. It is built for maximum flexibility and compatibility while making your work easier.

Find out today why Air Printer is the premium iOS File Manager.

Say goodbye to app shuffling, and use Air Printer, the premium iOS File Manager!