Air Tooth Mic – DSP unleashed

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Air Tooth Mic – Pure DSP Power for iPhone and iPad

Audio processing needs serious power on serious hardware. Serious hardware is definitley available with both iPhone and the iPad. Both the iPhone and the iPad are powerful devices.

The hardware is good enough to give some audio processing a try, and by doing so Pilcrow managed to push the border of what’s possible a little further. Processing all audio directly on a hardware level is bypassing everything that could slow the performance.

Hardware accelerated DSP audio processing

DSP stands for Digital Signal Processing. Using a DSP for signal processing means that software is used for controlling the signal, but not for processing the signal. That’s what gives Air Tooth Mic its incredible power, that’s why it is packed with features nowhere else to be found.

Starting with simple filters to 10-band equalizer, limiter, distortion and hall effects Air Tooth Mic offers more than just some basic control.

4 Input filters are available:

  • Hi shelf
  • Low shelf
  • Hi Pass
  • Low Pass

Additional filtering can be made with the 10-band graphic equalizer.

Dynamics control:

  • Switchable limiter
  • Expander with calibration function
  • Companding System with 7 adjustable parameters

The effects section allows some additional tweaking for more details – and added fun:

  • Delay with adjustable feedback
  • Reverb with Mix, PreDelay, Randomizer, adjustable Decay and more parameters

The Distortion comes with more than you would expect, in any case it does more than the stomp boxes you usually meet on stage:

  • Adjustable Delay
  • Adjustable Decay
  • Adjustable Ringmodulator
  • Polynomial Mix
  • Soft Clip
  • Finalizer
  • Linear / Square / Cubic adjustments
  • Decimation / Rounding faders

Air Tooth Mic connects to microphones in various ways.

  • Internal microphone of iPhone / iPad
  • Bluetooth HFP (Hands Free Profile)
  • Lightning connector
  • Line-In Jack

Both input level meter and a frequeny analyzer are placed next to the input gain slider for better visualization.

If you want to unleash the full DSP power for your device, if you want high hardware accelerated DSP audio processing, then there’s nothing else than Air Tooth Microphone.