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Air Web Browser is crossing the world of iOS and Apple TV

A Browser is not a Browser, even on the desktop there are many different choices. And the fact that all kind of browsers are not available, but are used as well tells us that all these various choices exist for a reason.

The Air Web Browser now is not just one more choice that you may like or not. The Air Web Browser comes with advanced options and is controlled entirely with your iPhone or iPad.

Air Web is the perfect tool when you don’t want to sit on your computer just to browse the web. Connect your iPhone or iPad with AppleTV and start browsing the web. You will have a bigger screen and a smaller controller at the same time.

Air Web offers all the options you need. For example you can share webpages direct on your Apple TV. Of course you can search using the usual search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. And Favorites, everybody has their favorites pages. Save your favorites whenever you want. And if you missed to save a favorite page of yours, browse the history and find it again.
And to start your journey through the web on your Apple TV from your preferred spot, define your personal start page.

And last not least, you can stream video to your TV using the Air Web Browser. It would be weird if you could use your Apple TV as a browser, but couldn’t watch videos on it, right?

Convert you AppleTV into a full-fledged browser, all you need is the Air Web Browser!
I won’t get easier and simpler, you should give it a try!

Drop us a line for feedback or suggestions. And do not hesitate to give it a good rating if you like it!