Icon Resizer for iPhone, iPad and Mac Apps for the App Store

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App Store Icon Resizer generates all necessary Icon Sizes for the App Store!

Creating all the necessary sizes for App Store Icons is not only a boring task, it also takes time to complete. A really unlucky combination.

Have a look here for all icon sizes you need (though you probably have seen this page already, right?)

The App Store Icon Resizer makes this task a piece of cake. with a sigle action it allows to generate all the different icon sizes you need. Yes, one single action!

It is simple to use, it is fast. And it is not boring because it is too fast to be boring.

The App Store Icon Resizer not only generates the icons you need, it also generates the folder AppIcon.appiconset, the JSON file and the cassettes.

A real time saver, and simple to use. Once the setup is done, it is freeing time for other tasks. All you need is one Icon with the size 1024 x 1024. Drag it in the app, and you got everything you got all the icons that you need for your app to upload into the App Store. The setup is as simple as the use of the app, there are only 4 checkboxes.

We were tired of wasting time and being bored. That’s why we came up with the App Store Icon Resizer, and we made it available for you.

Here’s how it works:
1) Start the App Store Icon Resizer
2) Drag the original with 1024×1024 reslolution in the app
3) Click Export and locate your icons in the previously defined folder. If you didn’t define a custom folder the icons will be stored in the documents folder.

Additionally to the icons the following items are created and stored in the same folder:

– A list in the JSON format
– A folder named AppIcon.appiconset is created for your icons
– An xcassets directory is created with everything inside

If you tried similar tools and had bad experience: Don’t worry, we use this tool regularly, no matter what version of xcode, it is reliable 🙂

Don’t hesitate and save time, reduce a boring task to a single click and spend the times doing something useful and fun!