Calculator – Scientific Calculator, Unit Converter and Loan Calculator

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Scientific Calculator, Unit Converter and Loan Calculator

A simple calculator with a advantaged features. More than a basic calculator for add and subtract.

While the calculator is a native app on the iPhone, it is completely missing on the iPad. This calculator is created with a close look at the iPad and the iPad Pro. Multitasking ability and 64bit architecture make it the tool of choice for the iPad and the iPad Pro, especially since there is no native calculator on the iPad. Of course, it runs as smooth as you like on the iPhone as well.

A real iPad Calculator needs to be 64bit multitasking

A calculator with basic operations will often do. But sometimes you need little bit more. Nothing complicated, but more than the standard calculator is offering. Without going to deep or being complicated. A tool for the a versatile technician. A tool that can do a lot of different things.

Things like:

  • Unit conversion
  • Loan Calculation
  • Simple Graphing
  • EMI and loan calculation
  • Decimal, Binary, Hex and Octal conversion
  • Simple statistics
  • Subnet Calculator
  • Matrices

A scientific calculator offers a lot of functions. Most of them you will probably never use. And seriously, for some functions it is hard to understand what they are about. This is why calculators that do more than basic stuff often look ver4y complicated and difficult to use. Also, a lot of advanced calculators offer specific functions that may come in handy, but without direct access to these funtions.

Therefore, we created a claclulator that is rather a tool box. Or a calculator with some extra functions, with quick access to these functions. Something like a toolbox for calculations and conversions. If possible, with a few short explanations included. This is the way we look at this calculator.

Rather a toolbox than a calculator

A tool that tells you how to adress these this nasty binary switches. That lets you calculate and display loan right off the bat. One to tell you the correct subnet range. And since it’s an advanteged toolbox it lets you do statistics and matrices too. It’s never bad to have a bit more at hand than you need.

This toolbox is made for the allrounder. It offers a bunch of handy tools while still being a calculator. And it is a tool box takes up no additional space while covering a broad band of different applications.

If you are the kind of technician, a geek or just somebody who likes to have the right tool at hand, then this calculator is for you.

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