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Camera Blocker increases Privacy and blocks unwanted access to your Macs Camera

Sometimes, when sitting in front of your Mac, you have this little thing staring at you, the camera. And sometimes you are not sure if it really is switched off. Maybe you check if that is the case, or you choose to use a safe method and place a sticker over the camera.

While the camera is a useful thing for conferencing, it can also be hacked from the outside.
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Hacker activated MacBook Webcam without green warning light

As you can see in this post, even the FBI acknowledged that they used to do this.

Of course, there’s the green LED showing the cameras activity. But if the camera itself can be hacked, the same goes for that LED. Especially if the hacker is serious about it. Hackers are amazingly creative when being mischievous.

Camera Blocker allows you to block the camera. Definitely, no way to go around it. Only way to unlock it is using Camera Blocker.

Click-jacking, trojan horses and malware, or any other method: Hackers will not be able to activate your Macs camera without your consent if you are running the Camera Blocker app!

Camera Blocker is reliably locking your camera, denying access from any other app. If the camera was in use when the Camera Blocker was activated, its video will freeze instantly and the green LED starts flashing.

Say good bye to taped camera, say good bye to that unnerving feeling when looking at your camera. Get Camera Blocker for more privacy protection!

Also, when your camera is unlocked to be used, there’s no need to worry: Camera Blocker reliably detects unauthorized usage and alerts you. Even if some other app prepares the camera for standby with the green LED still off.

Protect your privacy and get Camera Blocker now!