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Comic Book Reader App for iOS and Apple TV

A lot of comic books are collector items that no one would carry in a bag. All the same it would be nice if they would be available while travelling, while waiting for the bus or just for the excitement that generally comes with nice comic books.
Luckily, more and more comic books are available as digital version, which means they can be read on any PC, Mac or portable device – if the device is able to correctly display the content.

Digital comic books are saved in various different formats:

  • cbr
  • cbz
  • cbt
  • cb7
  • ePub
  • pdf
  • other file types

While formats such as pdf and also ePub are very common, there are also dedicated file types that usually start with cb. A capable comic book reader should display all of these file types without hassle, not only dedicated files but also common file types like pdf and ePub.

What is important for a Comic Book Reader App?

As shown above, a lot of different file types are used for digital comic books. Furthermore, it is not very likely that a collection of digital comics is entirely stored on a portable device like an iPad or an iPhone. Rather they are stored in a cloud, on a NAS server or just on a drive of the computer at home.
Therefore, a capable comic book reader should be able to:

  • correctly display all the different file types and
  • should also be able to load them from any source you could think of.

The Comic Book Reader from Pilcrow can do all that – and even a little bit more.

It correctly displays all file types we found that are being used for at least one comic book. And it connects to a lot of different clouds – be it DropBox, iCloud, Google Drive, Sky Drive, Western Digital MyCloud, NAS/SMB. You can even connect your comic book reader app with your PC or Mac using a regular WiFi connection.

Of course, the connectivity and versatility from the iPhone is available on the Apple TV too. This is what we call a universal app, not only ready for iPhone and iPad, but also for Apple TV!

Top Features of the Comic Book Reader App:

• Supports the major comic book formats (cbr, cbz, cbt, cb7, ePub, pdf and more)
• Import comics from external sources like Dropbox, MyDrive, WiFi, Google Drive
• Import comics via WiFi and SMB
• Many sharing options
• Files are not destroyed when opened or unpacked, the original stays intact

If you are searching for a versatile comic book reader app with advanced connectivity and compatibility, your search ends here!