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Document Manager – One App is enough!

Document Manager apps are widespread in the App Store, so why would one want another one? The answer is simple: They are limited to very narrow tasks.

While it is basically an excellent idea to use the iPad for mobile office work, you may soon be frustrated enough to toss your work aside and read an ebook on your iPad. That’s not the reason why we included a document reader with 35 different languages to choose from, there another reason for that: sometimes it’s just easier to listen to a document instead of reading it yourself.

But that’s just one of the many things that come with the package.

Mobile office has to do a lot with communication. It’s not just writing a document, it is sharing documents and have others read it, adding comments and send it back to you. Or comment and correct others document and send them back. Of course, you could send these files via e-mail, using another app. You could add a drawing to explain details, which is one more app you have to open. And convert all that stuff to pdf so that it is easily shared – the next app has to be used. And then pack all the files into an archive (next app needs to be opened) until you are finally ready to share them.
And that’s when that image pops up that perfectly reflects your thoughts of the work you just did. In any case this should be added to the archive – you know what happens now: unpack with an app, compress or convert the image with the next app, pack the files again into an archive and so on, browsing through all the apps again.

Document Manager can do all this!

Document Manager comes with everything that is needed to complete an office task on the go: scan documents, convert them in text, edit the document, save it, add additional content from clouds, from the web or from your Mac Or PC, archive the files and stuff them in the cloud where others need them.
Of course, there’s a tool in the app for the drawings and flow charts you may want to add.

Sounds like a lot, and it indeed is a lot, but by far not all. That’s why you can organize folders, rename folders and create new folders. Since we are talking about a Document Manager, it should provide you with everything you need to manage Documents, right?

But let’s get serious and have a look how Document Manager can make your work easier. As mentioned, it is a lot, the lists below just give an overview of the most important functions of Document Manager:

Basic Functions / Main Menu:

  • Create Documents and Drawings
  • Create new folders
  • Edit files and folders

Quick Access Menu (may vary depending on file type):

  • Open In…
  • Share
  • Email
  • Upload
  • Zip / Unzip (works for .tar, .rar and 7Zip too)
  • Save as PDF
  • Print
  • Edit Picture
  • OCR
  • Fax

File Conversion:

  • rtf, txt, markdown and html <convert to> rtf, txt, markdown and html
  • Convert doc, docx, xls, xlsx, notes, numbers, svg, ps, eps, tiff, png, jpg, jpeg, svg, tga, websites, maps, bmp, csv, Power Point, txt, rtf, html, md and tons of other files to PDF

File Compression:

  • zip, tar, rar, 7zip


  • Currently supported are Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, MyCloud. Box, Evernote and others will be integrated soon.
  • SMB file server integration
  • AirDrop
  • WiFi File sharing

Of course there are other goodies in Document Manager:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR), processed in-app for privacy reasons
  • Vector drawing tool (.svg), flow charts included
  • Audio reader with output in 35 different languages (yes, for ebooks and ePub as well!)
  • Text editor for markdown, html, txt and rtf

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