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Gif Studio is a Gif Creator for iOS

Gif Creator for iOS devices with added options. Create animated Gif on-the-go on your iPhone and iPad.

Gif Studio is easy to use and lets you create Gifs from images, movie snippets with added text, emoji and art.

Gif is more than an image format, it as an activity. Oxford Dictionaries made it the word of the year 2012, not as a noun but a s a verb: Word of the year 2012

Using a Gif creator like Gif Studio could be called “to gif”. And Gif Studio makes it simple to gif. With just a few clicks you can create gifs on the go and share them directly from within the app.

A Gif Creator like Gif Studio makes it simple to gif

Choose the first image or movie snippet, add text to it, select the next image, add text to it and so so …. a piece of cake, really. And quick as hell too. Of course, no Gif creator would be complete without emoji. Or without fancy fonts. Gif Studio has it both, and more than that.

Of course, there are a lot of Gifs around that are made of video snippets. You can do that with Gif Studio as well. And add text to it, with fancy fonts. And emoji as well, of course.

Gifs can be used everywhere. These snippets are awesome, put them on your blog, on your homepage or just share them with your friends on your favorite social network. What comes out of this Gif Creator is ready to use content!

Animated Gifs have spread the web ever since the web exists, and it has been often said that they will die soon. But they never did, it’s exact the opposite: they are still alive and kicking, and Gif Studio helps to keep it that way. These things are too much fun to let them go!

A Gif can be anything from a serious message to fun and even art.

It’s up to you what your Gif will be like … crazy, lol, art or awesome nonsense.

Make Gif Studio your personal Gif creator, you won’t regret it!