Internet Kill Switch




Internet Kill Switch disconnects your Mac from Network instantly!

Extreme Situation need extreme measures. The Internet Kill Switch is such a measure. It allows disconnecting your Mac from Network with a single click. Immediately.

Whenever you are suspecting a threat from Internet or network, this Kill Switch allows you to avoid it. With a single push on the Button your Mac is instantly disconnected.

Why an Internet Kill Switch?

While sitting at your computer, you have a certain amount of control what’s going on. But unlike the early days of internet, your computer is most likely non-stop connected with the Internet. It is donwloading updates, bugfixes, security patches and more. It is backing up data from and to a remote server. And maybe your your computer is part of a network for distributed computing like SETI@home or Folding@home, helping to solve computation-intensive problems like understanding complex biomolecules. There’s a lot of usefull things your computer can do while you are away from keyboard.

On the other hand, it can get into a lot of troubles too at the same time. Backdoors, bot-nets, spyware and a lot of other things can be a threat to your computer. While the good guys respect your choices when and how often you want to contribute your computation power, the bad guys do not respect that.

The Internet Kill Switch is a fool proof way to stay in control. Click the button, and you are disonnected. Immediately. Click it again, and your connection is established. Once the app is running, you can place the button wherever you like on your desktop. Easy to see, easy to access, acting as fast as possible.


  • Instant disconnect from network
  • Instant re-connect to network
  • Button can be placed anywhere on the desktop
  • Single Click Action

The Internet Kill Switch is the app to disconnect your network immediately when you need it, without wasting time by going through settings.

The Internet Kill Switch App runs on OSX 10.7 or newer.