Movie Butler – The Movie Download Tool

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Movie Butler is the ultimate Movie Download Tool for your Mac.

Very often you start watching a movie online and run out of time before the movie has finished. Movie Butler let’s you save that stream on your Macs hard drive so that you can finish watching it later.

Or you can directly save a movie or a clip you just stumbled upon to watch it later.

If you are looking for a movie downlaod tool for your Mac, this is the app for you.

Movie Butler is safe and straight forward to use. Once it is set up, all you need to do is to push the play button as if you were to watch the movie. This is all it needs for a proper movie download directly to your Macs drive.

Despite it looks, playing a movie in a browser is never a straight forward process, a lot of stuff is happening in the background. But thanks to the Movie Butler you can ignore all that.

Of course, a complete movie is a lot of data, any movie will take its time to downlod. Movie Player is not different, it will take a while for the movie download.

Movie Butler is a simple to use movie download tool.

If you open the online player where you normally watch the movie, you have to push the start button as if you would start watching the movie. This is necessary to start the download. The play button is the trigger, so to say. You can pause the player afterwards, most players will continue downloading anyway. Give it the time it needs, and once it finished downloading you may start the Movie Butler to save the stream.


Do not download or save copyright protected material! This tool is not intended to violate any copyrights, or to encourage illegal downloads of any images, movies, videos and streams!

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