Movie Player for Apple TV

Versatile Movie Player for Apple TV with integrated file manager, upload cpabilities for movies from other devices and support for various movie file formats.

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The Ultimate Movie Player for Apple TV

With this movie player you can not only upload movies from other devices to your Apple TV, it also plays most common movie files.

Easy to use it makes the choice of movies to watch on your Apple TV even bigger. If you have a movie stored on your iPad, your Mac, your PC or any other device that is able to connect via WiFi or Ethernet, you can upload your movies directly to the Apple TV from there.

Movie Player for Apple TV lets you upload Movies from other devices to Apple TV

Being able to upload and save movies from other devices makes the Apple TV extremely versatile and extremely widens the choice of movies ready to watch. Multiple uploads are possible.

Supporting all kind of formats including Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus makes Movie Player extremely versatile

We packed all possible movie file types that crossed our path into this app. 4k, flv, avi, mpg, wmv are just a few. Of course, there is always something new or something we didn’t think. If you encounter am move file type that Movie Player doesn’t play, please drop us a line. If we are not already working on it, we make sure to pack it in our next upgrade.

If you own tons of movies and import them all into your Apple TV, you may want to make sure you don’t lose track. That’s why the Movie Player comes with a powerful file manager, making it easy to find the movie you were just looking for. It’s always better to spend the evening watching a movie instead of searching for it.

Here’s what you get with Movie Player in short:

  • Compatible with almost any movie file format (let us know if it doesn’t play the format you want it to play)
  • Import movies from external devices
  • Powerful File Manager
  • More fun with your Apple TV!

Check it out on the Apple TV App Store, you will love it!

*1 Almost all formats, please report any format that is refused to play.