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OCR Scanner

OCR Scanner is using advanced Optical Character Recognition to recognize letters on scanned documents and convert them into ready to use text.

While there are a lot of scanners available for the iPhone, OCR Scanner does more than just scanning a document. It is recognizing text on documents and converts it so that it is ready to use for other applications.
OCR Scanner is a handy tool for traveling. You can use it to scan bills or receipts. Scan any snippet that you are too lazy to type off. It is a tool to reduce your workload and make your life a easier. Save your time and start scanning instead of typing.


  • Scan any document and recognize text on it
  • No more typing off receipts, bills or visit cards
  • Convert scanned documents in text with OCR (optical character recognition)
  • OCR (optical character recognition) allows editing of text in scanned documents
  • Have scanned text ready to use in other documents
  • Use pictures from your camera roll (take picture now, convert it later)
  • Scan History allows to access previous scans again
  • Direct share to e-mail and messages directly from within the app

OCR Scanner turns your iPhone or iPad into a handy scanner for bills, receipts, newspaper articles and other text.

Quickly scan documents to have them ready to edit or use the text from these documents in other applications thanks to optical character recognition.
OCR Scanner allows you to edit, save and share scanned documents.

For best results follow the instructions on the apps help page.


  • Scans will provide better results if the document is flat, well lit and has no wrinkles
  • Use flashlight if possible
  • Be sure to keep the correct distance between camera and document
  • Ensure correct rotation and position of the scan for better OCR
  • Bigger letters are recognized better
  • Glare makes it hard for OCR to work correctly (glossy paper may not work)
  • Keep the camera parallel to the surface of the document
  • OCR is not able to recognize handwritings or unreasonably big letters

Camera Quality is important for statisfying results. Use OCR Scanner only on newer devices that have a camera with good resolution. Don’t expect OCR to function properly if the picture is of low quality in the first place!

Optical character recognition (OCR) explained in Wikipedia


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