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Listen to Radio on your Apple TV

Who said you can only watch television on a TV, you can as well use it to listen to Radio!

When TV became digital, it changed a lot of things. One of the biggest changes was the huge content that was available all of a sudden. And of course, the well availability of well sorted radio streams. News only or without news, just a specific genre of music or a pot-pourri with all of it mixed up – indeed, a wonderland for every radio afficionada.

Digital TV made the world more enjoyable for radio enthusionasts, an the On Air app for Apple TV gives it an additional boost.
With more than 10.000 different stations available, well sorted in different genre and with a search that makes it easy to find the stream, On Air for Apple TV makes listen to Radio even more fun! Seriously, with that a big number of streams choose from, you can be sure to find what you are looking for.

Save your favorite streams

Of course, everybody has their favorite stations with their favorite DJs, playing the preferred style of music.
And since everybody has their favorites, we made it so that you can save them. Right, save your favorite stations and find them rioght away whenever you want to listen to them.

Search function included

10.000 stations is a huge number to choose from, like really huge. That’s why we are sure you will love the search function. In fact, we put some extra work in there, after all we need that as well since we too belong to those guys that use the TV to listen to the Radio.

Rock, Country, News, Pop, Indie, Electronica, Jazz, Alternative, Experimental …. there’s so much the internet offers to stream, and it all comes together in this app! With the choice this app offers, you can be sure to find the tune that you will just love!

Who said that Video killed the Radio Star? No way, forget it, not with this app!

Help surviving the Radio Star, and check this app on your Apple TV:
10.000 Radio Stations for Apple TV