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Peace of Mind Ad Blocker for a relaxed surfing experience

Ads are not only annoying, they also consume bandwidth on your mobile, media data waste even more of your bandwidth. Last not least, you can never be sure which information a website is collecting from your device and about you.

Peace of Mind is designed to enhance your experience by blocking ads, media data and tracking mechanisms and other annoying content while you are browsing the web.

Powerful rule set

With a rule set that consists of more than 45.000 rules on the strongest setting it grants an outstanding performance.

Easy to use

The Peace of Mind Ad Blocker is easy to use, the setup is quick.
It’s just 3 switches if you want to have your setup completed as fast as possible, with additional options if you need a better detailed ad blocker.

Switch Nr. 1:
Activate and de-activate the ad blocker. You could call this the main switch

Switch Nr. 2:
Activate and de-activate media data. Media data are consuming a lot of bandwidth. Activate this to save bandwidth when you are on a slow network, or generally when you don’t need media data at all.

Switch Nr. 3:
Activate and de-activate privacy protection. Activating this blocks several tracking mechanisms from websites.

Besides of the 3 switches described above you have the option to define the strength of your ad blocker. You can choose between soft, medium and hard. In the strongest setting, which is called hard, the full set of rules is applied.

Configurable white list included

Furthermore a configurable whitelist is available. The whitelist contains pages that are excluded from the rules, defined by you.

To grant that your ad blocker is up to date you have the possibility to update your rules set.

The huge rule set that Peace of Mind is using to sort out specific content makes it one of the strongest ad blockers that is available in the app store – at least as much as we know.

App demo incl. setup instructions

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