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C++ Compiler and on a DOS Emulator for iOS

Back in the days the possibilities for programmers were limited, which also means that the programming environment was much easier. Power C++ brings that feeling back, ready to use on your iPhone and iPad.

Many attempts have been taken to run a DOS environment on iOS. Power C++ takes this a step further and provides a compiler and a programming environment that is exactly how it used to be back in the days.

It looks like a Borland, it feels like Borland, you can use it like Borland.
And, it looks like, it feels like DOS, you can use it like DOS.

Power C++ was created from scratch to provide a stable environment

In order to provide a stable DOS environment, we took the extra step to create a DOS emulator from scratch. We ditched all existing solutions and came up with our own thing. And we are happy we did, and you will be happy too once you are using this emulator.

DOS had one big advantage over all its competitors: its simple structure made it easy to use. That’s what we kept when we created this emulator. There is no reason to make things more complicated than necessary.

There is no cluttered interface, no overlapping windows. Just pure, simple DOS. All the same you have the all the power of C++.

Just create your own project, save it and run. It couldn’t be simpler than that. Now it’s up to you and your creativity. Let your imagination run free and dive into simple programming just like you did decades ago.

To learn more about DOS and its history, click here to read about it in Wikipedia.

This is more than just emulator, it is a true DOS that runs on iOS and doesn’t need a x86 Processor like the original did.

Important Note: Due to restrictions you can’t install add-on Apps.