Presentation – Power Presenter and Slide Show creator and viewer

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Presenter is the ultimate tool for presentations and slideshow. 

Presenter comes with a load of preconfigured themes and allows direct access to beamer via Apple TV. 

Presenter allows direct editing and draw up of presentations and slideshow with Pie Charts, Line Chart and Bar Chart. 

The intuitive and easy to use user interface allows quick and efficient work, presentations can directly be shown on a beamer thanks to the integration of Apple TV. 

Impress you business partners with this efficient solution for effective presentations and slide shows. 

Main Features: 

* Draw up slide shows with integrated templates and themes 
* Use and create pie charts 
* Use and create bar charts 
* Use and create line charts 
* Use and create historical charts 
* Export slides as pdf 
* easy save and edit the Presentation 
* Pre Installed designs 
* Pre loaded with signs like arrows, lines, boxes, cycle 
* Connect with beamer via Apple TV 
* Tool in a box: no external ressources needed, all is in the iPad 
* Share presentations via e-mail, Apple TV, dropbox as pdf 
* Print direct with AirPrint 

Presenter is the ultimate tool to present or share slideshows, a must for every business meeting!


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