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QR Code reading, generating and sharing made easy!

The QR Creator was designed to quickly generate, read and share QR code and other 2d code. Having the user in mind it is designed to be quick, reliable and easy to use.

The reader function makes it easy to share code even without any data connection. Just scan the screen with the reader function.

QR code is to be found everywhere. There is rarely an advertisement that comes without. Quick access to any kind of information in various situations is often provided with a QR Code.

QR Creator gives you everything to create your own, unique code. Instantly, on the go. And if you think that a little icon in the middle is just what it needs to be perfect, no problem at all. Generating a QR Code with icon or logo is just one of the many strengths of QR Creator.

And the reading ability …. whenever we find a format that is not supported yet, we change that and implement that froemerly unkown code into the QR Creator.

QR Creator provides you with everything you need to instantly create your individual, unique QR Code on the go. And also with everything else youwould expect from a QR app.

Main Features:

  • Generate QR Code with picture/icon/logo in it
  • Scan and read standard QR Code
  • Scan and reading standard bar code
  • Generate custom QR Code
  • Save scanned and generated codes via Print Screen
  • Share any code via the apps reader function (no network or data connection needed)
  • Airprint support
  • Generates now longer QR Codes of up to 134 characters
  • History of scans will now be saved
  • Special iPad version
  • Recognizes phone number, addresses and URL
  • Adresses can be saved and directly shown in maps 

    Even if qr-codes with a label or icon in the centre are widely spread, they are not covered by any standard. It is therefore important to check each codes functionality!

Explanation of QR Code on Wikipedia


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