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Quick Brightness is the quickest way to change the brighness of the iPhones screen.

By simply launching the app you have a predefined brightness level. Even faster with iOS 8 thanks to widgets. Once the app is started the widget grants direct access to bright and low settings.

A bright screen drains your battery. Dimming it saves battery, quite logical. Quick Brightness allows you to instantly switch between predefined levels. Make it bright only when you need it, dim it at any other time.

The usual way to change the iPhones brightness is entering the settings app, and navigate to the menu where you can set the brightness. To much a hassle. changing the screens brightness is something you want to do with a single tap. Or a swipe. Quick Brightness lets you exactly do that. Swipe for the widget and change the brightness with a single tap. That’s quick, or rather Quick Brightness.

Quick Brightness offers advanced features:

  • App can run in 3 different modes
  • Normal Mode
  • Switch the Brightness and close the App automatic (amazingly fast)
  • Set System Brightness

Quick Brightness lets you change the screens brightness in a single, easy sytep. That certainly brings some advantages:

  • Save time
  • Save Battery
  • Save Money
  • It’s easy
  • It is very quick

It really is that simple! No more hassle navigating through the settings app.

Quick Brightness is another great use for widgets, that not only saves time but also makes your life easier and saves battery. A lot of battery if correctly used.

Once the app is setup and the brightness levels are set, you don’t need to enter the app again. On iOS 8 you can use bypass all the settings and directly access the different brightness levels with the widget.

The setup is fast and easy to do.

This app isn’t called Quick Brightness without a reason! Make sure you get your own!

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