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Relax, we just have the right app to help with!

Relax is the name and what it does: Relaxing you with carefully selected sounds, free to mix as you want. Combined with a snooze timer to soothe you to sleep.

Sounds can have a big impact on how we feel.  Some sounds push us and make us move. Other sounds are relaxing, and some sounds are simply annoying. As the name suggests, the sounds of this app are aimed to relax you. They are carefully selected, and to make it easy to find what you are looking for in just that moment, they are sorted in moods.

There are 6 moods available, and their names are self explaining.

    • Forest

    • Rainy

    • Beach

    • Fire

    • Under Water

    • White Noise

Forest: It’s not like a forest is a silent place, there are actually a lot of sound and noise. Not just falling leafs, you probably won’t hear that. But you can certainly hear animals skirring through fallen leafs. And birds, singing and hitting leafs and branches as the fly away. And the little river from that little river a bit away. Maybe just what you need to relax.

Rainy: Have you ever been sitting at a dry place while listening to the rain? Or being outside in the rain, with the right clothing of course. There is no bad weather, only wrong clothing. Rain has something soothing, and it sounds different every time you listening to it. It could be just the right thing to relax, after all you won’t get wet by listening to it.

Beach: The sound of waves hitting the beach. An occasional bird thjat is flying by. And from time to time a bigger wave that hit’s an obstacle. Sounds like holiday. Just thinking about helps to relax. Even more when you hear it at the same time.

Fire: Fire comes with a variety of sounds. And honestly, the crackling noise of a fire adds a lot to the fire itself. If you close your eyes the fire is not gone, and not because it is still warm. Also because you still hear it. Maybe that’s why sleeping in front if the fireplace is so relaxing.

Under Water: Now, under water is a whole different world. Sound behaves completely different there. But there are sounds. It’s everything else than silent under water. Maybe it is just what you need to relax?

White Noise: White noise is a technical term. It is used to describe a sound that has the same amount of energy in every part of the frequency range. But not necessarily at the same time. In fact, it’s quite random what is happening in white noise. And there is also pink noise, brown noise, red noise …. Noise can be interesting. And if you find it boring, it may be just the right thing to put you asleep. You won’t know until you give it a try.

That above where just the moods where you can choose sounds from. Of course there are various choices in every mood. And all of these sounds you can mix together just as you like. No reason to be stuck with one sound from one mood. You can mix any sound form any mood. You got everything at hand to create your personal ambiente to relax.

Once you are done you can also set a timer. No need to keep playing once you fell asleep, right?

You can listen to your very own, personal relax track dircetly from the phone, with or without earphones. You can also use AppleTV or connect to your stereo via Bluetooth.

It’s time to stop reading and give this unique relaxing help a serious try. Really, you don’t know what you could be missing.

If you would like to leave us a feedback, do not hesitate to drop us a line. We like to hear our customers impression!