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More than an iPhone alarm clock, Nightsleep Manager guides you to sleep with individual sound profiles. And it wakes you up with indivdual sound profiles. And it comes with a night light in individual colors and intensity, automatically switched at a defined level that you can set.

And it provides you with a weather forecast for the day, if you want.

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Calling sleepmate an iPhone alarm clock does not do justice to this app. It is certainly more than that.

Nightsleep Manager is designed to guide you to sleep with individual sound profiles, created any mixed by you. And it wakes you up with other individual sound profiles, created and mixed by you too.

Every person has it’s own preferences when it comes to sounds that make you fall asleep, or kick you out of the bed immediately.

Let Nightsleep Manager guide you into the land of dreams. And let it guide you to the land of wake the next morning. Exactly the way you want.

The iPhone alarm clock that guides you to sleep and to wake – with your indivdual sound profile

If you find it best to fall asleep with rolling thunder that fades to chilling creeks, you can do that. If you prefer the monotone sound of people talking in the background with occasional traffic passing by, set it up that way.

If you need at least a train passing by your bed to wake up, feel free to make that happen.

The possibilities are endless. A huge choice of variations and combinations is at your fingertips, ready to be used by you. Find and create that sound profile that best suits you needs.

Your alarm clock should be as individual as your sleeping pattern.

Nightsleep Manager is more than an iPhone alarm clock. It is a night lamp too.
Set a threshold when it should activate, define your color and intensity. It will light up with a whisper or a loud noise. You can even switch it on with snapping your fingers. Only depending on how you set the threshold.

With your preferred color of course, and the intensity you like.

And one thing that every iPhone alarm clock should have, well, alarm clock in general: a weather forecast! Just so you know if the day is worth getting out of bed 😉

Features of Nightsleep Manager:

  • Individual sound profiles
  • Personal alarm clock: wake up with your individual sound profile
  • Night Light: individual color, intensity and volume threshold
  • Creativity: blend, mix, fade and combine sounds just the way you want to
  • Weather forecast as early morning goody


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