Speedy – Handwriting Recognition App for iOS

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Advanced handwriting recognition app for iOS

Speedy allows entering characters in the most natural way by just writing them as you would on a piece of paper.

As long as we know keyboards that are connected to a computer there have been attempts to change the way that characters are entered. One of the most natural way is still writing by hand, it is what we learn as children, and it is what still works when there is no computer, no keyboard and no typesetter.

An it is very personal, writing by hand definitely feels different than hitting keys on a keyboard, or tapping them on a screen.

The fact that each and every iOS device has a touch sensitive screen allows to bring back that feeling. Speedy is in technical terms still a custom keyboard for iOS, but at the same time it is so much more. It is a full fledged handwriting recognition app for iOS. Even if you could call it a keyboard, it is not used to type. It is used to write, with a pencil or with the tip of a finger.

Speedy is more than a keyboard – it is a full fledged handwriting recognition app

Writing becomes all of a sudden very intuitive and personal when you switch the typing for writing. It makes you pay attention to the content, it makes you aware of what you write and it is way more relaxed.

The algorithms used for this handwriting recognition app has been developed for the purpose of relaxed writing – while writing in this case really means writing and not typing.

Of course, not all of us have a handwriting that is very readable, or even nice to look at. It is fair to say that none of the developers could claim to have a nice looking handwriting. Perhaps that is why it works so well – having a terrible handwriting is definitely a good thing when testing a handwriting recognition app! One could say we are experts at terrible handwriting, and therefore became experts for developing a handwriting recognition app.

Time to put words to their correct meaning – typing is different than writing. Stop confusing these two terms and have a look for yourself!

To leran about the setup and use of Speedy, watch this video on youtube.