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TV Relax for instant relaxation

TV Relax turns your Apple TV into a relaxation machine. Start it up and choose the program that suits your mood. Create your own program if you need something more sophisticated.

TV Relax contains carefully selected sounds from chilling nature to soothing noise. Use TV Relax in the background while doing your chores or relax in a chair with your feet up. TV Relax is the tool for your personal mental hygiene.

The sounds of TV Relax are sorted in what we call moods, total 6 of them. This makes navigation easy. You can combine moods until you have the perfect match for what you exactly need.
The names of the moods are self explaining:
◆ Forest
◆ Rainy
◆ Beach
◆ Fire
◆ Under Water
◆ White Noise

Some find it perfect to listen to birds and other forest sounds (yes, nature can be very noisy), others enjoy listening to rain dropping and of course the classic waves at a beach. If you find that noise is perfectly suited for you, TV Relax offers choices as well. White noise, pink noise, adjustable brown noise, you name it. After all, noise is not as monotone as you may think, and it often helps to fall asleep quickly.

Of course, you can mix all these moods and create your very own profile. A walk from the fireplace through a rainy forest until you arrive at the beach, TV Relax has all that it needs to create this and other ambiances.

Store your relax profile, and use it whenever you want. You can play it directly form the Apple TV.

TV Relax makes it easy to improve your ambiance, with something as simple as sounds. After all, sounds and noises make up a big part of our surrounding, and TV Relax provides you with what’s needed to make this part of your ambiance perfect.

Then next time you sit down and relax and actually miss something, then it could well be that TV Relax is the missing part.