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V-Card Scanner is a straight forward and simple to use tool to exchange not only V-Cards between iOS devices, but other informations as well. 
Since the informations are moved as QR Codes, a lot of tools to create QR Codes are included.

What is the advantage of exchanging a V-Card via QR Codes?

Using a QR Code for data exchange brings the advantage of not needing a network connection. In fact, no connection of anykind is needed. Two mobile phones with a camera is enough. And you can include other information in the QR Code. That’s why the V-Card Scanner comes with several tools to create QR-Codes.

Exchanging V-Cards using QR Codes is actually quite simple. Display the code on your iPhones screen, and scan it with the other iPhone. that means fo course that there is a QR Reader included.

A V-Card that is generated with the V-Card scanner contains the full contact details. No worries about missing details.

And it comes with a few nice, additional features. You can import and export QR Codes from maps. Or from WiFi Networks. You can even generate URLs from text messages. Importing and exporting events from and to the calendar has to be done to see how noce this feature actually is.

Oh, there’s something more. You can exchange information the old fashioned way via mail. Generate the code with the wanted information and send it as a postcard directly from withing the app. Well, for this you actually need network connection, but we found that it is worth the fun 🙂

Main Features: 

  • Information exchange via Camera
  • Information exchange via WiFi
  • Import/Export QR from maps
  • QR-Code generation from URL
  • QR-Code generation from SMS/text message
  • Import/Export of calendar events
  • Create QR-Codes and send them as postcard directly from within the app!
  • much, much more …

V-Card scanner is constantly improving, like all of our apps. If you feel that an additional feature is needed, or if you are terribly missing a specific funtion, do not hesitate to drop us a line.


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