Video 2 Pic – Image Grabber for iOS to Convert and Save single Pictures from Videos

Video 2 Pic is an image grabber for iOS with advanced options. Grab, save and share still images from any movie on your iOS device.

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Video Pic is an image grabber for iOS to extract and save a  single image from any frame in a movie

Video 2 Pic is literally a freeze frame app for iOS, an image grabber. With Video 2 Pic you can extract single frames from your video and save them as still image on your iPhone or iPad.

Save your favourite moment of any movie as still image!

You can go through the video frame by frame and extract frames that you like and save them as still image in the Camera Roll or in the clipboard.
If you want to share a still image you can do that directly from within the app to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or WeChat.
Video 2 Pic allows you to extract frames from a movie and save them as images.

Some moments of a video deserve to be watched as they are, without any motion as still picture

Every movie has it’s highlights, and every video has that special moment one wants to catch. Of course that moment is different for any person.
With Video 2 Pic you can extract your personal highlight, that moment of the movie that is special to you and save it as a picture to your camera roll or to your clipboard. If you think that others feel the same about that moment in the movie like you do, or if you simply want to let the world or your friends know about your favourite moment you can share that still image directly from within the app, to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or WeChat, you can even print it via AirPrint!

Video to pic, saving still image, image grabber, the name doesn’t matter, Video 2 Pic will do it.

Grab single images from any movie and store it as still image, share it, crop and drop it, do whatever you do just like with any other picture.
Video 2 pic is the ultimate Image Grabber for iOS!

Main Features:
– Save Picture in Camera Roll
– Save Picture in Clipboard
– Share Picture on Facebook
– Share Picture on Twitter
– Share Picture on Flickr
– Share Picture on WeChat
– Print Picture via AirPrint
– Drop crop your Picture

Video 2 Pic makes saving and sharing your favorite moment of a movie as still image on your iPhone or iPad a piece of cake!

Where does the term Still Image come from?


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