Wake me up – Eye Lid Detector and Microsleep Warning

Wake Me Up scans your face for closed eyes and sets off an alarm when your eyes are closed.

Wake Me Up is a reliable tool to prevent microsleep or at least remind you to get some sleep in case you don’t realize your microsleep phases yourself.

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wake me up

Wake Me Up tells you when it’s time for a Nap!

Wake Me Up is tracking your eyes with the iPhones camera. As soon as you close your eyes it will set off an alarm. Choose between sound, vibration or both.

Act responsible and take a Nap in time!

Microsleep can be everything on a scale between annoying and dangerous. But there are situations where you can’t just take a nap. “Last minute learning” for an exam is an example, or waiting for an important call or message.

Wake Me Up is designed with just these situations in mind. All of us had to finish a report close to the deadline at least once. Or waiting for relevant informations to finish that last e-mail.

Of course, you can use it to make sure it’s time to switch off the TV or computer to hit the pillow. Better than sleeping on the couch in front of the TV or on the chair at your desk.

But keep in mind, you should never rely on tools when microsleep could cause danger. Therefore, stop your activities immediately when Wake Me Up interrupts you! Get some sleep early enough!

Immediately stop your activities when Wake Me Up is kicking in!

Microsleep is often not recognized when it happens. Sadly enough it is often to late when it is recognized as the cause of an accident.

This app may help to prevent accidents if used correctly. Of course, the safest bet is to have enough sleep in general, and avoid dangerous activities when not.

How it works

After Wake Me Up is set up correctly, the camera is constantly scanning your face constantly and checking your eyes. The app will set off an alarm if you close your eyes.
The setup process is straight forward, the sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted. The optical indicator helps to check the correct funtion of the app.

An additional lamp can be activated to improve the apps function.

Main Features:

  • Constant scanning of the face
  • Detection of closed eyelids
  • Alarm when eyelids are closed
  • Sensitivity adjust
  • simple and straight forward setup process
  • 22 different sounds plus vibration



  • Do not drive vehicles when you lack sleep!
  • Do not operate machines when you lack sleep!
  • Avoid any dangerous or critical activities when you lack sleep!
  • Better safe than sorry, take a nap when necessary!

Enough sleep is important for your health. The risk of accidents or injuries multiplies when you are tired, causing danger not only for yourself but for other people as well.

Take a break and get some rest once Wake Me Up has kicked in!


  • Wake Me Up is not a replacement for a healthy sleep!
  • Take a nap in time!
  • Wake Me Up does not alleviate a dangerous situation!
  • Be sure to be fully awake and don’t lack sleep when driving vehicles, operating machines or performing dangerous or critical activities in general!

Immediately stop your acitivities when Wake Me Up is kicking in and get some sleep!

Don’t rely on any tool when sleep is the only thing that helps!

Sometimes a nap is enough to help you avoiding risky or dangerous situations.
Sometimes a simple app on your iPhone is the only thing you got at hand. Use it to inform you of possible risk due to lack of sleep!

Better safe than sorry, take a nap in time or hit the pillow.

Sometimes we are simply to tired to notice how careless we are acting, therefore be sure to act responsible and take a rest when you need it, this simple app may help you noticing how careless you are acting because you are tired!

Microsleep on Wikipedia (and why you should take a nap when you are at risk of microsleep)


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