iOS8 Browser: Yep!

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iOS8 Browser Yep! with functionality where it matters!

Yep is a iOS8 Browser for the iPhone and iPad without bling and frilly details. It is pure functionality where other browsers fail.

Many 3rd party browsers film to upload content, especially images. Sounds not like a biggie, but it is really annoying when you are present in social networks. Some browser even fail when online shopping. Imagine you found that device, tool, song or whatever that you have been looking for so long, and then the payment fails …

This won’t happen with Yep!

Designed to complete basic tasks without distracting features that most anyway rarely use. Fast, efficient and functional.

To good to be true? It get’s even better: No frilly details means reduced work load, which makes it faster than it’s competitors.

Are you ready to exchange the shiny surface with something that just works? Are you ready for features that you have at hand because they are  not buried under tons of distracting details? Are you tired of taking an extra step or having to open a second app to upload images to Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr and other social networks? Are you tired of failed online shopping experiences because the payment doesn’t work? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you are ready for Yep!

Aimed for superior performance and focussed on pure functionality, Yep! is the iOS8 Browser that you have been looking for.

It’s time to ditch all the shiny details, it’s time to get rid of the performance killing bling. It’s time to have the functions at hand that you actually need. It’s time to focus on what matters. It’s time to get Yep!, the ultimate iOS8 Browser.

No frilly things and shiny surfaces with this browser, but reliable functionality where it matters.

Ready for a safe ride? Grab Yep! now and do what you really want to do. Don’t let your browser stop you!

Enjoy a ride that actually works!

Yep! is a simple iOS8 Browser, and it works!