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iOS 8 Installation and How To

iOS 8 Installation and How To

Before Installing iOS 8 Beta you need to do a few preparations. Also you need to be aware that this process is not reversible. Devices updated to iOS 8 Beta 1 can not be restored with an older to earlier version of iOS! To install iOS 8 Beta you need a developer...

Restarting iOS Devices

Restarting iOS devices like iPad or iPhone is pretty simple. There are not many buttons on an iOS device, to restart you need the Home and Sleep Button. Press these two buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds until the Apple Logo appears on the screen. No other button...

Closing Apps on iOS 7

iOS 7 has a New App Switcher One of the many things that made iOS 7 more efficient is its ability for multitasking. iOS 7 is processing apps in the background as well. The drawback is, they also use processing power when they run in the background. In other words, you...