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The Mission of Pilcrow® AG

Mobile App development

Mobile app Industry is in full bloom, and BestApps4iOS and Pilcrow® AG founders are part of it since 2010.

It is our goal to provide users with both useful and entertaining apps for mobile devices, with a strong focus on iOS devices. Every mobile app that we develop and distribute must either be fun to use, or help the user with certain tasks in the most effective way.
This is our primary goal and main mission: satisfying a users need and giving fun. This is the mindset that was born when we realized the possibilities of modern smartphones, the power to finish tasks and having a tool to create on the go.
Using smart mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and combine it with the right app leaves only ones own imagination as the limit.
It is our part to create and deliver these apps for daily use.

Pilcrow® AG is a creator of useful and entertaining apps for daily use

The founder and CEO Christian Schaffner, an Electronic Engineer, has come up with the idea of developing powerful and versatile applications for the MAC and iPhone.

Mac App development

Development of apps for Mac has mainly happened for internal use, since we naturally use mainly Mac computers for work. These apps follow mainly two guidelines. One is protecting our equipment – the Macs that are our tools that we work with – and protecting our data. The other is making our work more efficient.

From time to time we make an app that we have in internal use availble for public, if they are good enough to create our own stuff then most likely othe people can put these apps to good use as well.

Who is Pilcrow® AG

Pilcrow® AG is a swiss company, located in Pfäffikon at the lake of Zurich. The company was founded in 2010 by electronics engineer Christian Schaffner, an audio enthusiastic who makes use of modern technologies not for the sake of using it but when he finds a good use for it.

We are all very busy and travelling a lot, the best way to reach us is by sending an e-mail to info@powerapp.eu or drop a message on twitter @powerappgmbh.

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