iOS 7 has a New App Switcher

iOS 7 with a new app switcher

One of the many things that made iOS 7 more efficient is its ability for multitasking. iOS 7 is processing apps in the background as well. The drawback is, they also use processing power when they run in the background. In other words, you will want to take care that not to much stuff is running in the background and need to shut down an app from time to time.

Fortunately, Apple changed the app switcher in iOS 7. Shutting down an app has become simpler than it was in the predecessing iOS. A double tap on the home button brings up the app switcher, where you see an image of the app in card format above the app icon. And it’s not only the look that is card like. iOS 7 handles apps in the app switcher like cards, swipe them sideways to see all apps that are currently running, swipe up to shut down an app.

Quitting one or more apps on iOS 7

  • Double tap the home button to launch the app switcher
  • Swipe sideways to see currently running apps
  • Swipe up to quit a running app
  • Swiping up more than one card at the same time will close more than one app

If you like card games, you probably will like the new app switcher in iOS 7 too, since it is resembling very much to a card game the way the apps are presented in card format or how they are flicked away.
No comparison to the app switcher in previous iOS, where you had top tap and hold an icon until it starts to wiggle and then aiming carefully at the little x in the corner, hoping you are shutting off the app you really wanted to.