CAS Calc P11 – Scientific Graphing Calculator for Math and Science

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A powerful Scientific Graphing Calculator for the iPad.

With nearly 1200 helpful functions, CAS Calc P11 is the perfect graphing calculator for algebra, statistics, trigonometry, calculus, and more. 

Don’t lug around that calculator, this app is comparable to Maple and Ti92/Ti89 but designed specifically for your iPad. Do advanced computation and graphing more easily. A scientific graphing calculator for the fraction of the price of a dedicated calculator. And one that you can carry with you without needing extra space in your bag.

The plotting functions are in a class of their own. Zooming and scrolling plots is a piece of cake. Of course all plots are multicolored.

Cas Calc P11 is a Graphing Calculator for advanced jobs, so you may want to whare the work with colleagues or classmates. E-Mail and AirPrint makes this easy and fast.

„I love this program! This brings back memories which resembles just like the TI-89/Titanium!“ 
„The best Ti-89/Ti-92 emulator for the iPad thus far“ 
„One great graphic calc app!“ 

Graphing Calculator for Math, Science and more

CAS Calc P11 is not a toy. It is a fully developed scientific graphing calculator for serious work. It is aimed to turn your iPad into your preferred helper for scientific studies and technical calculations. It is made to help with your math or science studies or work.

That’s why you can customize it to the style that suits you best. Select from a MAPLE, TI-Style, or P11-Style input format.

Data Entry couldn’t be easier. You can use the built in QWERTY (or QWERTZ, AZERTY and more) keyboard. Or connect an external keyboard via Bluetooth. No reason to miss comfort, work is hard enough as it is, right?

There’s a user manual included for your most urgent questions. And if this doesn’t help, do not hesitate to drop us a line.

Aimed to make your work easier!

In CAS Calc P11, you’ll find all the functions and features you need – around 1200 total. Here are just a few of them:

  • Full Symbolic CAS System
  • Easy to read print out
  • Script editor
  • Up to 10 functions in one plot
  • Plot supports zoom and move
  • Results can be directly printed via AirPrint
  • Send results and plots via e-mail
  • ARM6, ARM7 and Dual Core optimized
  • QWERTY keyboard included
  • Supports external Bluetooth keyboard
  • Includes manual with over 300 pages
  • Choose input format: MAPLE, TI-Style or P11-Style
  • Latex parser
  • Direct FAQ support
  • 6 configurable key clicks (5 sounds and mute)

For the fraction of the price of a dedicated graphing calculator you can get Cas Calc P11. With a screen that is big anough to aqccurately read your plots and graphs! You should try it. Make your work easier and download CAS Calc P11 today. 

Maple is a registered trademark of Maplesoft, Inc. Ti92/Ti89 are registered trademarks of Texas Instruments, Inc.

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