Dock Designer

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The Dock Designer allows you to change the appearance of your iPhones Dock

Important Note:

Dock Designer was created to be used with iOS 7 or newer and only works with iPhone or iPod Touch!

Dock Designer does not work with iPad!

With the introduction of iOS 7, Apple’s dock bar has changed. It became a translucent rectangle. This allows to personalize the dock in a beautyful and stunning way by adding grahpics behind the dock. 

How does the Dock Designer app change the look of the iPhones dock?

As mentioned above, the dock bar has changed to a translucent triangle with the introduction of iOS 7. This means that a personalized dock bar can be added on top of the image that is currently set as wallpaper. This creates the illusion of a colored dock bar. The app then creates a new image that has to be saved as the home screen wallpaper. This is done in the device settings. The result is surprisingly stunning: it leaves you with your own custom dock, your individual personalized look for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Keep in mind that the Dock Designer does not work with the iPad!

The Dock Designer only changes the appearance of the Dock Bar. It does not change it’s funtionality or behavior!

The app comes with a ton of ready to use Lock Screen overlay designs. Not only for the appearance of the dock screen, but for the appearance of the whole Lock Screen as well!

The Dock Designer is made for you if:

  • You are tired of the lookthat everybody has
  • You want to show off with a different look of your iPhone or iPod Touch
  • You always wanted your iPhone or iPod look more individual

Get rid of the tiring look that everybody has, be different. Download Dock Designer from the App Store now and give your iPhone/iPod Touch the individual look that it deserves! 
Make your iPhone/iPod Touch look as individual as you are! 

Get ready to show off, your friends will be amazed!


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