Before Installing iOS 8 Beta you need to do a few preparations. Also you need to be aware that this process is not reversible.

Devices updated to iOS 8 Beta 1 can not be restored with an older to earlier version of iOS!

To install iOS 8 Beta you need a developer account or at least access to a developer account. At least in theory. Popular youtube channel iCrackUriDevice has discovered a security flaw in Apples update system, that allows iOS Beta 8.1 to be installed on any compatible device. However, installing it using this security flaw is not the best idea, and you do that on your own responsibility. Also your warranty will be void if you do that.

We advise to not install iOS 8 on not registered devices!

You can either register your device by creating a developer account or wait until the final version is released later this year. A developer account comes with annual costs of US$ 99.-

Before you download iOS 8

  1. Make sure you iTunes is updated to the newest version. You can do that by clicking “Check for Updates” in the program or by visiting the App Store to make sure all Software is updated.
  2. Make a bakup of your device.
    Do not skip this step!
  3. Make sure your devices UDID is registered with IMZDL, a popular source for iOS and OS X Betas.
  4. Find your iPhones identifier. On AT&T this is A1428 as example, for an iPhone on Verizon this would  be A1429.
  5. You are ready to download iOS 8 Beta

Installing the iOS 8 Beta 1

  1. Log in with your developers account using your Apple ID and password to get access to the beta release. After that the File should show up on IMZDL.
  2. Open iTunes and “Restore your iPhone” with iOS Beta.
    • On a Mac, hold down Alt/Option when clicking “Restore”
    • On Windows, hold the Shift Key when clicking “Restore”
  3. Check your downloads folder (or the folder where you store your downloads) and search for the installation file. This file should end with .ispw, the file extension name for iPhone firmware files.
  4. Click yes if you are prompted to allow Apple to search for updates

Note that this download may take a long time and drains a lot of Battery Power. Your device may heat up during the update process.

It may happen that an error message appears during the upgrade, we experienced an Error -1 on an iPhone 4S. I this case unplug the the device when the iTunes Icon shows up and start over with 3., checking your downloads folder.

If you experience a bug in iOS 8, you can now report it directly to Apple’s bug tracking system, using the built-in Bug Reporter App. You can find this app in the Notification Center.

The use of Family Sharing is subject to the Family Sharing Terms. To learn more about Family Sharing, click here.

Since the iOS 8 Beta is a pre-release software, it is subject to and licensed only under the terms and conditions of the iOS Developer Program License Agreement (“iOS PLA”), including any applicable consent to collect diagnostic data set forth therein.
You are not allowed to use this software if you haven’t agreed to the iOS PLA!

Enjoy your newly installed iOS while you explore the new functions.