iOS DOS to use on iPhone and iPad?


DOS goes iOS

Is there an iOS DOS? And what is iOS DOS anyway?

One thing first, DOS and iOS is more or less a clash between two worlds, the term iOS is very unlikely to ever exist. But there is a reason why I just created that term. Continue reading if you want to know the reason.

Those who have been working for longer with compouters, especially with IBM compatible computers, may remember DOS. DOS stands for Disk Operating System.

It was the state of the art OS back in 1980’s to 1990’s. Unless you had a MAC, which was way more expensive. Or an Atari, but who wanted to use an Atari for serious work.

DOS had no graphics and was a 16bit OS. I remember myself having a PC with incredible 16MB RAM and a huge harddisk with 512MB. Of course it needed several tricks and some tweaking to adress all of the RAM, 16bit sets some limits. All the same we used to play games on these machines (and yes, we used them for serious work too :D)

It was even possible to play 3D Ego Shooters, but I was lucky to have a very fast 66MHz CPU. Later when Windows 3.1 was introduced it was even possible to use a graphical User Interface. It was still DOS underneath, but hey, we had e a mouse and were able to click icons to start a program! No more searching a path and navigating through folders using the command line.

I still have most of the programs I used back then somewhere laying around. I guess the ones that have been stored on Floppy Disks have become unreadable by now, and I don’t know if the ones that were delivered on CD survived the time.

You may wonder why I am talking about an ancient Operating System from 30 years ago. It is because I talked with some friends about how we used to tweak our PCs back in the days to optimize them for gaming. And how long it took to render a simple 3D scene. And how much coffee we have been drinking simply because we had to wait until the computer finished it’s tasks. And compared it to the calculating power of an iPhone6 or an iPad Air.

It was quite late when this question came up, but I was asked it it was possible to run DOS on an iPhone or an iPad, to create an iOS DOS. Yet I have to find somebody to blame for saying yes ….

Of course it won’t be called iOS DOS, it will be named Power DOS.

Well, to make it short, Power DOS for iOS will soon be released. I am looking forward to play Doom or Transport Tycoon on the iPad 🙂

If you have no idea how DOS looked, check out this page.