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Data Vault protects your documents in a separate, lockable folder.

Data Vault creates a separate, lockable folder in your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. This folder is protected with a separate Passcode Lock with 4 digits. If you prefer a drawn Passcode in Android Style, you can change that.

Data Vault allows you to lock away any type of information that can be stored in the iPhone. It doesn’t matter if it’s pictures, movies, e-mail adresses, URL or movies. If you can store it, Data Vault can protect it.

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Since we carry the iPhone always with us in the pocket, storing sensible data on it is sooner or later inevitable. This can be a pdf or a simple note with a pin code or credit card information. Data Vault is your trusted partner when you need to lock away any type of information on your iPhone.

Data Vault can’t be opened without passcode, the preferences offer no such option. In other words, you can’t cheat yourself because you are to lazy to re-enter the passcode every time!

Most commons things that usually have to be kept hidden are preconfigured in Data Vault. Credit Card Informations can be entered with a touch of a button.

Documents can directly be downloaded from and uploaded to Dropbox once you configured the correct path. Of course you can logout from Dropbox directly from within the app. Same goes for e-mail, once configured you can import and lock e-mails directly from within the app.

Configuring the e-mail is recommended anyway, that’s where the picture is sent to in case of unauthorized attempts to open Data Vault. The front camera takes a picture every time a wrong code is entered.

Data Vault offers even more, like an integrated browser with a hidden history. this browser is completely separated from the rest of your iPhone. There is no way to access that browser outside of Data Vault.

Voice memos often cause a problem too. That’s why Data Vault offers a voice recorder, that way a voice memo is locked the moment you are recording it.

Preconfigured Categories:

  • Pdf (create and safe)
  • Notes
  • Recordings
  • Credit Cards
  • Photos and Videos
  • Phone Numbers
  • Web Browser

Privacy and Protection:

  • Integrated browser with hidden history
  • Create pdf and have them protected the moment you create it
  • Quickly organized thanks to preconfigured categories
  • Numerical or graphical lock
  • Picture is taken and mailed at any failed attempt to access Data Vault
  • GPS Coordinates are mailed at failed attempt to access Data Vault
  • Protect and lock any kind of data (as long as you can store, Data Vault will be able to lock it away)
  • Direct Import from Dropbox
  • No interaction or changes to the rest of the device. Your iPhone can be used as usual, Data Vault does not interfere with the devices normal operation

Data Vault is serious about privacy protection and access control.

If you are as serious about your privacy as Data Vault is, don’t hesitate and get what is the first choice!



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