iOS Movie Player with Real Time Video Filters and Special Effects

Advanced iOS Moviel Player with Real Time Effects and included Head Up Display. Direct download, edit, save and replay movies with added effects. Share edited video directly from within the app.

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iOS Movie Player with Real Time Effects

iOS Movie Player with Special Effects for additional Fun!

This iOS Movie Player makes your video more fun! Add amazing real time effects with Power APPs patent pending technology!

As seen on NewsWatch TV on ION Channel and History Channel!

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Overall, Movie Player + is, with no doubt, an incredible all-in-one player and is worth the price tag.

No matter what movie it is or where you got it from, if it’s hollywood or bollywood, a free movie or a movie trailer, with this iOS Movie Movie Player you can add effects you will never  see in any movie theater.

Pimp up any movie or video with special effects!

To refine your work even better we added our unique One Touch Brightness and Contrast Control (OTBCC):
Touch the screen for 2 seconds to adjust brightness and contrast!
OTBCC is a revolutionary way to adjust both brightness and contrast at the same time: tap the screen for 2 seconds, and adjust brightness and contrast with the move of one finger, both brightness and contrast at once!

Of course, you can save your videos with all the special effects you applied, and have your firends participate when you replay your edited movie. See them drop their jaw when a well know movie suddenly is something completely different thanks to added real time effects.

Save your effects with this iOS Movie Player and have your friends drop their jaw!

This iOS Movie Player offers 3 different playback modes: Full screen, Flip and Mirror. Thanks to these playback modes you can even use your iPad as Head Up Display. Waiting in the car suddenly becomes entertaining with your own edited movie on the windscreen.

Redefine Car video with this iOS Movie Player: use your windscreen as backdrop for your Head Up Display!

Download video from dropbox, iTunes video or directly from the web. Shoot a live video with this iOS Movie Player to create a unique fun video to share with friends.

Movie Player + lets you download, save, record and share your edited movies.

Ultimate iOS Movie Player to share fun with friends, upload movies directly from dropbox or iTunes!

Features of Movie Player + include:

  • Save videos with applied fx!
  • 3 different full modes
  • OTBCC (One Touch Brightness and Contrast Control): Touch screen for 2 seconds to adjust brightness and contrast
  • Watch the Movie in 3D (Red Cyan Glasses needed)
  • Download Movie direct
  • Watch Movies online
  • Store and replay movies with your effects applied
  • Gray scale filter (watch the movie in black and white)
  • Watch a movie in sepia (give it the look of a 60 year old photo)
  • Soften colors
  • Give it a retro look
  • Add vignettes to the pictures
  • Adjust brigthness and contrast
  • Cartoon FX (pseudo rotoscopic filter)
  • Pixelation filter
  • HUD (Heads Up Display) to watch the movie on a mirrored surface, such as a car windshield

All effects are real time effects, that means you can add and change them while the movie is playing! No other iOS Movie Player can do that!

Movie Player + is more than a iOS movie player, it is a real time video editing tool!

Try Movie Player today, use direct video download and add special effects. Take movie watching to a new level and be ready for a lot of fun to share!


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