Restarting iOS devices like iPad or iPhone is pretty simple.

There are not many buttons on an iOS device, to restart you need the Home and Sleep Button. Press these two buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds until the Apple Logo appears on the screen. No other button is needed.

Restarting iOS is a last resort with that method is a last resort!

Restarting iOS devices with the method described above is actually resetting the device. You should do that only when it is not responding anymore and when you can’t shut it down the normal way. Before resetting it, always try to power it down using the power button.

For restarting iOS Apple recommends to follow the normal restart sequence whenever this is possible. To restart – power cycle – your iOS device do the steps listed below:

  • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake Button for 2 seconds. Wait until the “Slide to Power Off” Slider appears.
  • Release the Sleep/Wake Button
  • Slide the Slider from left to right
  • Wait until your device has completely shut off
  • Press the Sleep/Wake button to power up your device
  • Enter the passcode and unlock the sim card

A restart as described above is a reset, as it fully reboots your device. But unlike the method described at the beginning of this post it allows the device to shut down exactly the way it should. Using the first method is the opposite of that: It forces an immediate shutdown and reboot of the device. Of course all applications are force quitted too and no data are saved.

You can compare that that to a desktop computer – it doesn’t matter if it’s a Mac or a Windows PC – where you plug the power cord instead of shutting it down with the preferred method given by the operating system.

The picture below shows all buttons and other stuff on an iPhone 5S. This may help finding the Sleep/Wake button as well as the Home button, in case you never thought about how they are named.



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