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System Monitor Utility informs you about processes in your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch that are happening behind the screen, like memory usage, used and remaining disk space, network MAC and IP address, currently running processes and much more.

The more you know about your device, the better you can put it into use.
With System Monitor Utility you are able to shut down those applications, which use more power than others. System Monitor tells you how much memory and processing power each application and each process is using.

Be informed what is happening inside of your iPhone.
Find out what processes use the most ressources, how much of your ram is used and how much disk space is left.

Main Features:
- Display total and remaining disk space
- Display total and remaining memory
- Display MAC address
- Display IP address
- Display CPU type
- Display CPU Speed and Bus Speed
- Display running processes
This are only the main features, more information than that is provided inside the app.

Get System Monitor Utilities today, and get in control!

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