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Quick and reliable reader for all kind of codes, incl. QR Codes, barcodes and other similar codes.
Straight forward and easy to with single-tap-operation direct from the home screen thanks to the optional 3D touch.

Top Features:
• Single-Tap-Scan direct from home screen
• Auto recognize URL, phone numbers and adresses
• Direct use from the app for URL, phone numbers and adresses
• Separate iPad version
• Scan History
• Open URL from scan
• Custom generated QR Codes with logo support
• Print screen feature
• Direct use of codes from within the app
• Air Print support
• Show adress on map
• Huge code compatibility (QR, bar, EAN, standard, many other formats)

Important notice:
While it is possible to create functioning QR codes with an image, logo or icon in it, there is no standard that officially supports QR codes with images in it.
Therefore, creating a QR code with maximum efficiency is best done by avoiding any logo or icon as part of the code.


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